Etymology of my buzz words

Today I’m looking at a few key words that keep popping up in my thesis brainstorming.






Lets break these words down by starting with the prefixes. Re comes from latin origin meaning “back to its original place, again, anew, once more.” Pre is also of latin origin and means “before in time or place”. When you separate the root of the words from the prefixes you can grasp a better understanding of what the words really mean.

Remember comes from the latin word memorari meaning “be mindful of” and memor meaning “mindful”.

Oxford Dictionary defines remember as:

Have in or be able to bring to one’s mind an awareness of (someone or something from the past)
‘I remember the screech of the horn as the car came towards me’
‘no one remembered his name’

To remember something, it is important to place emphasis on the fact its being RE-membered. Its taking something that has already existed and bringing it life once more. It is bringing life back to someones mindfulness and breathing life into their memories. Remembering is about what happened first, and the importance of making sure it is never fully out of someones mind.


The root words for restore comes from latin origin. Restaurare means to “repair, renew, rebuild, build up again.”

I think its interesting, again, the importance of the prefix in this word. To restore something it has to first be something of value, and then be some how in need of fixing. When restoring something you are trying to bring it back to its original (emotional or monetary) value. The idea of this almost implies a narrative or history of whatever is being restored.


This is a really cool one.

The root word for respect comes from latin origin. Spek meaning “to observe, look back, consider, regard.”

To give respect to a person, place or thing you have to first have an understanding of that thing. You have to have a grasp of who the person is and be able to look back and consider them for who they really are. This really reenforces the fact that respect is a trait that has to be earned and not just given. Again, I think this implies a narrative because there would have to be an exchange of information and feeling for someone to gain respect for another person.



The root word for preserve comes from the late lain word servare meaning “To keep safe, guard, protect.”

Preserving is about protecting from the start. To preserve something you’re keeping it safe and guarded before theres even a chance of it getting damaged. Something important is being protected for the reasoning of keeping it protected for some future use. (With this attitude, you’ll never have to restore anything :p).


So why are these words important?

Im not really sure….

They all imply time passing. They all also involve having emotional or some type of value.

So, why are things worth remembering?, restoring? or respecting?

Does everything deserve to be preserved? how do you decide the value of something worth being preserved?



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