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Hello world!

Welcome back to my website! I know, it looks different. Due to some technical difficulties I had to start from scratch, but you know what they say:

New year, new layout!.. or something like that.

Happy 2o16, I hope everyone is doing well, I know I am. I had the most relaxing break of my life. Creativity was flowing and I’m so excited to be back in school to bring these ideas to life. I’m beginning to do research on the history of ceramic flowers flowers and porcelain figurines. I think my main focus right now is going to be on the history of Capodimonte porcelain.

So far I’m falling in love with delicate hand building and long history.

Capodimonte porcelain recent flower basket.
Capodimonte porcelain recent flower basket.

Capodimonte is a porcelain company that originated in Italy in 1743 by King Charles of Bourbon and his wife Amalia of Saxony.  All of Capodimonte porcelain is dreamt up by artisans and is then made by handed or moulded in moulds made by hand. It then gets cooked in a kiln at 1250 degrees, is painted by hand and cooked one last time to set the final colour. So much time and work go into these beautiful flower bouquets and figurines.


Stay tuned to learn more and see how I use Capodimonte as an inspiration in my future work.

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