As a third year, I finally get to make the work I want to make. I’m focusing on the relationship between nature and humans. I will be making a series of sculpted heads that are planters for a specific type of plant. They are all going to connect with how I felt this summer and how flowers helped me cope with those feelings. This is the first one still in greenware and not quite finished. I sculpted it almost solid so I still have to hollow i t out and but the top of the head for the plant to fit into.


This one is going to be called April Showers and will be filled with forget me nots. When I moved away this summer I was really lonely. I didn’t know anyone or have anyone to depend on. It was a really hard thing for me to do and caused me to spiral into depression.

The old saying is true though, april showers do bring may flowers and in this case, they were forget me nots. Every time I saw one of those little flowers I remembered all the people I could never forget and I know that they could never forget me either.

Stay tuned for  more updates. img_1483

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