Surrender to the process

It was my 20th birthday and just like every other day I decided to make some pots. I explored clays I had never played with before, using porcelain and raku clay. I had never done any chattering before but while trimming I decided to give it a try. I dipped in a flashing slip I had never used, glazed the inside with a light green celadon and loaded it into the schools wood kiln. I had never fired anything in the wood kiln before. I didn’t have very high expectations for the piece and when I called my parents crying they thought it had gone terribly.

I loved it.woodfiredpot

It was the first time I entirely surrendered to the process. I was so willing to let the clay and the atmosphere take control over the pot I had created. I let the process of making and firing lead the way instead of trying to fight it.

This pot was the first one that made me feel like I could be a potter. I could make beautiful pots. Maybe this is a future or career path. Sometimes you get so used to opening a kiln and only feeling mediocre because the pots don’t come out the way you pictured them in your mind or drew them in your sketchbook. Sometimes if you just let the pot take control, let the process take control. Stop trying to make the pot you have so clearly in your mind and start surrendering to the process.

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