Testing Cone 6 Glazes

I’m testing three new glaze recipes. Two of them I found in the John Britt mid fire glazes book, one of them is a studio glaze I’ve used a few times before. I’m testing a clear version of the two glossy glazes as well as colour variations of each. I also tested colour variations of Janet’s Matte White but didn’t test the white glaze itself. These are the bases I started with.

Hansen Clear Base 

Custer Feldspar——-20g
Frit 3134—————-20g


Campina Clear 

Frit 3110—————–6g


Janet’s Matte White 

Frit 3124————-36g

*I will post the mason stain amounts with fired test tiles*

Hansen Clear
Hansen Pink
Hansen Orange
Hansen Green
Hansen Vanadium
Campana Dark Purple
Campana Clear
Janets Matte Blackberry
Janets Matte Orchid

I decided to use a few of the cups I made this summer as test tiles.

I sprayed the glazes on the outside and poured them on the  inside. I used a paintbrush to layer glazes and test how the fire together. I’m using black clay with porcelain wedged in, so I’m only firing to cone 5.5 so my black clay doesn’t bloat. 

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